About PCA

PCA has over 25 years of experience in customizing speech recognition (“SR”) for medical applications and in working with medical professionals to facilitate the transition from traditional alternatives like hand-written records or dictation. PCA's customers range from hospitals implementing SR solutions at an enterprise or department level to small private practices. While focus is on the healthcare industry, PCA has also supplied educational institutions, small businesses, and professional clients with a variety of products and services to meet their documentation needs.

PCA’s Relationship with MEDITECH

PCA is especially proud of our relationship with MEDITECH. As MEDITECH’s Preferred Speech Recognition Solutions Provider we have been closely working with them with their integration, compatibility and implementation of SR into their HCIS environments. We deliver a complete solution of products and services dedicated to SR for the Magic, Client Server, 6.0x, 6.1x and Web platforms, from licensing of the necessary software through project management, customization of each implementation, technical and “Go Live” support and most critically, expert training.


PCA is committed to introducing speech recognition to MEDITECH customers and to helping each user realize maximum benefits in patient care, cost savings as well as to facilitate the adoption of provider documentation. We devote our resources to understanding MEDITECH (the company and the software) in order to provide seamless integration. We hope that in the following pages you will see more than a collection of products and services, but rather that you will recognize a complete speech recognition solutions provider you can count on as a partner.