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MEDITECH Speech Recognition Support

As MEDITECH’s Preferred Speech Recognition Solutions Provider we have established an enormous wealth of knowledge about what is needed to successfully deploy and continually support Dragon implementations in Meditech. Because of our large customer base we are at the forefront of discovering issues that arise during the interaction between Dragon and Meditech. We also have developed outstanding relationships with Meditech development that lets us access information generally not available to end users. We understand their task system, DTS structures and delivery mechanisms and use all our inner knowledge to work on your behalf on all things Dragon related.

Avenues of Support

* PCA is very pleased to announce the launching of our new customer support portal dedicated exclusively to PCA customers using Dragon in Meditech! We understand the connection felt between Meditech customers and know there is a tremendous appetite to learn what others have done and to share lessons learned with newcomers. Our goal with this forum is to provide a central location for sharing the most up to date information about maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall support of speech recognition. We hope this community will facilitate identifying and swiftly resolving issues with Meditech and Dragon when they occur by aggregating common issues from multiple customers that are often treated as isolated occurrences within Meditech’s task system. This will be a restricted access community available only to Meditech and PCA customers and personnel made secure by requiring usernames and passwords. Registration requires the entry of an email address from your hospital system's domain and a company code provided by PCA.